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Since childhood I have been a fanatic of products having amazing fragrances. Anything and everything that pleases my sense of smell grabs my immediate attention. Talking about fragrances Bath and Body Works is definitely a well known brand in this realm. From fresh fragrances to soothing skincare they really are a crowd favorite. Recently I got to try some body lotions from B&BW. Today I will be reviewing the Bath and Body Works ‘Mad about you’ body lotion from their Signature Collection.

Price: INR 1699 for 236ml (On Discount)

What Bath and Body Works claims?

     The perfect daily moisturizer:

  • Provides 16 hours of continuous moisture
  • Infused with Shea Butter and Daily Moisture Complex of Vitamin E, Aloe and Vitamin B5
  • Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished


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My thoughts on Bath and Body Works ‘Mad about you’ Body lotion:

I personally am not a big fan of body lotions because most of them feel quite greasy on my skin. But this body lotion is very lightweight . It does absorb pretty quickly and does not make my skin feel greasy at all. It makes my skin extremely smooth and supple .The packaging is good too. It comes in  a transparent plastic bottle with a silver cap which on pressing the top dispenses product. The consistency is not too thick  and is very lightweight. I really like the smell of this lotion. I am a fan of fruity scents !This lotion has a nice fruity, floral smell which keeps on lingering for hours! It is enriched with Shea butter. Shea butter contains a concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids which makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing. Also it contains Vitamin E and Aloe both of which help in maintaining healthy skin. Once I apply the lotion over my skin it keeps my skin well hydrated for hours! However, people with extremely dry skin might feel the need to reapply it after a few hours.

Bath and body works-mad about you review-TheBlushMirage

Overall I quite like the body lotion. And I would definitely recommend buying it for cold winter months or even as a daily moisturizer!

Let me know below what you think about the body lotion? Have you tried it? Or are you planning to buy ?

Hope this review was helpful!

See you all in my next post! Tada!






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